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Vintage Car

Some of Our Current Projects

When accidents happen, your Oxnard neighbors are here to help.

At Oxnard Auto Body, we're not just experts in car repairs – we're passionate about cars.


We approach each project with the same enthusiasm as if we were working on our own vehicles. This commitment is what makes every repair special and serves as a testament to our ability to ensure excellent results, restoring your car to its pre-accident glory.


Ford Explorer 2021

We partner with the Oxnard Federal Government to expedite vehicle repairs, ensuring they can continue their crucial operations seamlessly.

This time, a rear-end collision left the right side severely damaged, rendering the trunk unusable.

Delivery Time: 10 days

Ford Mustang Mach-E 2023

Our work doesn't solely focus on individuals; we also have the capacity to support businesses like CarMax, dedicated to the buying and selling of used cars, ensuring top-notch quality for their customers. We've proudly sustained a successful partnership for four years.

In our latest project, we repaired a minor dent, leaving this car better than new.

Delivery time: ??


Mercedes 240D 1982

This vehicle hails from Connecticut, having spent 20 years in storage under the care of a single owner. While it remains in good condition, the paint has faded over time. To preserve its original color, we've performed a paint renewal.  

At Oxnard Auto Body, we don't just paint we also renovate

Delivery time: 4 days

Classic Corvette

We take pride in having clients who entrust their most precious cars to us. This time, Billie, owner of some cars featured in the Ford vs. Ferrari movie, brought us this Red Corvette, transforming it into a classic Blue and White Corvette as a gift for his brother-in-law. Although, after seeing the results, he almost kept it for himself. LOL.

Delivery time:

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